KatZ   Borzoi

​CH KYROV'S CRESCENDO   &   CH KatZ Fifth Avenue Fashion JC , ROM   had 10 pups from frozen sperm.    4/01/2014

2 males  and  5 females  born            10/14/2016

CH KatZ-Kyrov McLintock   &           KatZ Lavender


​     Sun

​    Navarre



​       FiFi

​DC Teine-KatZ Sun Glacier FCh   &   CH KtaZ Fifth Avenue Fashion JC, ROM   



2 males  and 2  females born 9/25/2016

DC RiJu Teine Enjoy the Ride CD    &  KatZ Joelle At Blackmoor 


Tennee & Kora had 3 pups   5/11/2016

​    FiFi

GCH CH Morazova's  Shades of Tennessee CD BN   &   CH KatZ Kamikaze JC   


​    Kora

I am going to start here with our most recent litters, and work backwards.

more later

​     Joelle


Out of this litter of 8 pups. 6 of them have titles or only need a few single points.  Born 5/01/2012