Ears blowing in the wind...

​Mother Clare                                                                        Daughter   Joelle                 clons

​          Belize

​My nother BFF   doin the creek thing. 

 BFF      just a floatin...

7 males and 1 female

Our Sunset

My dogs are my children, much to the annoyance of my one human child. I just do better with animals than humans. I am in hopes that some of you will understand.  SO, most of this photo gallery is centered around animals and nature.

​Beer  drinking bubbies !

​Clare    "Who is that" ?

​My  sleep buddy...  Shiny

​       by Kelly Brunarski

KatZ   Borzoi


some of the things I love..........

Borzoi Hat       on the way to the National  2009 maybe


​    Blaze

Jamie   -   CH KatZ Mississippi Queen JC   ROM