KatZ   Borzoi

If you are looking for a Borzoi pup please contact us or the Borzoi Club Of  America and find a reputable breeder.

This is   Sunspot  ​ in South Mississippi

They have a giant sand pit and dig tunnels, ambush each other, and zoom through the field.

We feel we have the perfect property to raise Borzoi. The land is very hilly and the pups make hard muscles running and playing.

My only job is making sure the dogs get the best care I can give them. I feel  that their temperament is of THE most importance.

​Pups in their sand pit

​Kitty Sawyer  -  601-297-3660

​Dogs field


We raise Borzoi, Bees, and Chickens on 28 acres.  Borzoi have been in our life since 1983.